The Front Porch Coalition’s Lifesaver Sponsorship Programs

Front Porch Coalition’s Lifesaver Sponsorship Programs

We consider all sponsorships very important to us, no matter the size of the donation. When local businesses support the Front Porch Coalition, the word gets around. Soon, we hope that other companies become interested in the work that the Front Porch Coalition does. Not only can this result in more sponsorships, but it can also lead to increased volunteerism and participation in one or more programs that we offer.

What we offer in our Lifesaver Sponsorship Programs?

As our sponsor, we offer brand visibility and recognition to boost public relations and provide a higher chance of visibility to your prospective customers. We do this through our website, social media platforms, and event marketing.

Our Website

Information on events and training will be posted on our website. In addition, as our sponsor, your company’s logo will be posted with the event information.

Social Media Platforms

We post important information about mental health and suicide prevention; we will post links to the sponsor’s website to provide visibility to your business and information. We post information on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Event Marketing

Our annual events like the “Annual Suicide Prevention Walk and Fun Run” and our new annual event, the “Butterfly Release,” our sponsor’s logo will be on our website, social media postings, and our flyers.

Our Current Sponsors

We want to thank the following sponsors for joining our Sponsorship Programs and for their continuous support. Please click the business name for more information.

Platinum Lifesaver

Gold Lifesaver

Silver Lifesaver

Apply for our Lifesaver Sponsorship Programs

Please download the application for the Lifesaver Sponsorship Program. After filling out the form, please mail the appropriate form to the Front Porch Coalition along with the in-kind sponsorship donation.

For the Front Porch Coalition, Lifesaver Program, click here.