L.O.S.S. (Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors) Team Volunteers

The L.O.S.S. (Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors) Team Program has become the most vital and impactful service that the Front Porch Coalition provides to people who have lost someone to suicide. This program is an active model of postvention made up of a team of trained survivors who go to the scenes of suicides to disseminate information about resources and be the installation of hope for the newly bereaved.


The primary goal of an Active Postvention Model (APM) that this program is based upon is to let survivors of suicide know that resources exist as soon as possible following the death. Without the help that is provided to people traumatized by such a tragic death, so many suicide survivors would feel alone, isolated, and succumbing to many mental health difficulties.


The original founder of the first L.O.S.S. Team, Dr. Frank Campbellā€™s research has shown that survivors who receive the APM of the L.O.S.S. Team ask for mental health and support assistance on average within 39 days as compared to those using a passive model and not receiving immediate assistance, who seek assistance on average in 4.5 years. To learn more about Dr. Campbell's work and the work of L.O.S.S. Team, visit his website at: www.lossteam.com. The Pennington County L.O.S.S. Team has assisted families in getting services within two weeks of enduring their loss. Since its implementation in 2005, three of the current team members were at one time reached by this L.O.S.S. Team, a true testament to the impact and success that the program has made on the lives of people who have lost someone to suicide.

L.O.S.S. Team Volunteers are always needed

In order to maintain such a successful first response program that continues to be so impactful, volunteers are needed to become team members so that the immediate first response is provided to survivors within hours and even minutes of enduring their loss. If you have lost someone to suicide or feel you can assist the L.O.S.S. Team in some capacity, please contact us at: 605-348-6692 to learn more about how you can help or click here to download and return a volunteer application form.