• The Front Porch Coalition's

    Flamingo Flock for Life Fundraiser

    Starts: July 1 - Ends: August 31

Front Porch Coalition's Flamingo Flock for Life Fundraiser

What is a Pink Flamingo Fundraiser?

A pink flamingo fundraiser is fun way to raise money for your favorite cause. It’s an easy fundraiser for any size group to put together because it requires very little effort to keep it going.

The basic fundraising idea involves deploying a flock of pink plastic flamingos in someone’s yard or outside a business entrance. A note is left explaining that the person or business has been selected by someone to be “flocked” for a good cause. They will have to donate $10 to remove the flamingo flock and if they choose to flock someone else, they have donate $25 to have them relocated. All donations are accepted and appreciated.

The fun part is that each flocking victim then gets to pick the next victim. The flocking process continues for the duration of the fundraising event. Of course, you will always run into a few people who don’t see either the humor or the good cause behind the flocking. When that happens, you just remove the birds, have the previous recipient select a new victim and get things going all over again.


Official Start July 1st, 2018

Official End August 31st, 2018

Flocking removal and Relocation

  • $10.00 Donation - A trained technician will remove the flock.

  • $25 Donation - A trained technician will remove and relocate the flock to a friend of your choice.

  • $50.00 Donation - Flocking Insurance will protect your home from future flocking's.

To arrange for a flocking, flocking removal or for flamingo flocking insurance contact Front Porch Coalition at 605-348- 6692 or email us at office@frontporchcoalition.org.

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