How did we start?

The Front Porch Coalition was created after an informal meeting on March 2, 2001 in Rapid City of more than 50 people who wanted to do something about the problem of suicide. Today, the Coalition is a leader–locally, statewide, and nationally–in a movement that is gaining momentum in preventing suicide one community at a time, one person at a time. It is the only agency in West River solely devoted to suicide prevention.


The Coalition’s work has been central to bringing the prevalence of suicide–the number two killer of people ages 15-34 and the number six killer of people all ages in South Dakota –to the attention of the public, community leaders, and lawmakers.


The Coalition believes that together there is hope–and invites you to become a partner to help advance and sustain suicide prevention programs throughout the Black Hills. 

Purpose (Goals)

The Front Porch Coalition is guided by five goals, which are based on the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention and the South Dakota Strategy for Suicide Prevention:


  1. 1) Provide education at every level about suicide prevention and its causes.

  2. 2) Improve services to survivors of suicide (people who have lost a loved one to suicide).

    3) Facilitate collaboration among caregivers who work in mental health and suicide prevention and treatment to reduce suicide and the impact of its causes.

  3. 4) Create public awareness of the incidence of suicide to prevent suicide, reduce the impact of its causes, and improve the support to survivors of suicide.

    5) Create public awareness on the need for mental health care that will effectively create appropriate help-seeking behaviors that will reduce the incidence of suicide.